YRO in Boston Yoga Magazine

Boston Yoga Magazine – It’s an overcast Wednesday morning outside the lobby of Boston’s Children’s Hospital.  That muted palette spills in to the hospital’s lobby – a setting bustling with tears and heart and coughs and conversation, in languages both familiar and distant.  It’s impossible to convey the wave of humility that at once awakens you upon entering that field.  Glance around and you are powerfully struck by the plight of kids, adorable kids, and their caregivers giving it everything they’ve got.  Patients and their families, medical professionals and administrators at every turn… in urgency (and agency) on behalf of children.  In the center of this weight sits an oasis, a step away – a pioneering healing space dressed in hues of avocado green offering a refuge for children and their families…  

Read the full story here: Grace Land – Pioneering Family Wellness at Boston Children’s Hospital 


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