WCBV5 –  Different kinds of healing are now being offered to parents, patients and staff at Boston Children’s Hospital, thanks in large part to the nonprofit “Yoga Reaches Out.” One such treatment is Reiki. Hand placements channel energy, working along meridians just like acupuncture, to help balance the body and, for moms like Dana Onyewu, to help cope.

“Just to have this center here as kind of an oasis for us has been really helpful to make medical decisions and just alleviate the stress that comes with caring for a sick child,” she said. It’s all part of a new wellness program offering a variety of services and classes at the Hale Family Center at the hospital. Program manager Dianne Cella said they now offer meditation, Reiki, yoga, massage and Zumba.

Cella, a Reiki master and yoga instructor, long felt the practices would benefit families. She would know, she’s worked as a nurse at Children’s for nearly 40 years. Ultimately, it was a donation from “Yoga Reaches Out” that allowed the program to flourish… They recently hit $1 million-mark and what a difference they’ve made.

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