Don’t forget about these three basic poses in 2017!

A great pose for a restorative 2017 is half pigeon (seen above). This pose is a hip opener that gives deep relaxation. They say that you keep your emotions in your hips. This is a great to help you leave your emotional baggage of 2016 behind. 

Chair pose for sheer power, nothing beats chair pose.  To develop the basis pose further, try lifting your ten toes to keep the weight in your heels.  You’ll feel the burn in your legs, stay with it.  That’s you getting stronger! 

For balance and equilibrium, try half moon. Imagine yourself being pressed between two plates of glass.  A tall block under your hand will keep your body in balance.  This pose requires concentration and equilibrium.  

You can do all these poses, and more, at YRO’s 2017 Yogathon April 30, 2017 to support children’s charities.  We’d love to see you there.  Check out our event page for more yogathon details.

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